Head to Tokyo and Experience the Excitement!

Tokyo is located at the upper part of Tokyo Bay on the Pacific Coast of central Honshu. This capital of Japan is exploding with restaurants, attractions, nightlife, and history. For the best Tokyo has to offer, here are the top attractions, restaurants, hotels, and activities to keep anyone interested, engaged and fascinated with the country’s capital. If you need a moderately priced hotel, consider staying at Tokyo’s Park Hotel or the Hilltop Hotel. Each one offers guests a quiet’s night’s rest in an affordable and centrally located hotel.


This exciting tourist attraction is popular all around the world because of its unique and historical culture. People love to wear different attire in line with their lifestyle. Several languages are also preferred there. All these things make the Harajuku a unique experience for every guest.

Ginza and Roppongi

Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife is categorized by four central districts, and Ginza and Roppongi are two of them. Ginza has many high-end fashion stores that stay open late. When you’re done shopping, be prepared to eat at one of the many delicious restaurants along the Ginza Strip, so whether you enjoy a cup of tea, seafood or pastries, you can find something to satisfy your pallet. Roppongi is a perfect choice for 20 or 30 somethings.

It’s packed with bars, restaurants and clubs and one of Tokyo’s most vibrant and busy nightlife districts. Start at Almond, which is right across the street from the subway, and have a drink and something to eat. From there, you have your pick of a lineup of favorite bars and clubs. Dance your heart out, sample the cocktails and meet some locals. You’re sure to have a fantastic night. Just be aware that the subway stops running at 2 am.

The Rainbow Bridge

It is a two-story structure crossing a length of 918 meters. The bridge comprises eight traffic lanes, a beautiful pedestrian walkway, two train lines, and some observation towers. Take a pleasant walk along the sidewalk in the evening and spot several Tokyo landmarks. The neighboring area also happens to be one of the most buzzing wining and dining areas in the city.

Visit a Geisha bar

Nowadays, modern Geisha bars are nothing more than a cafĂ© or relaxing bar where Japanese women in traditional attire sing, play instruments and engage in witty conversation. But, it’s an exciting environment, and with a fascinating history, that’s worth the visit.


Tokyo is a perfect destination for anyone – whether you’re traveling with friends or arriving here on a family vacation. When visiting, unwind in your relaxing hotel, taste the local cuisine and most of all, take part in their nightlife that makes up a large portion of their culture. You won’t regret staying up all night in this city; it’s worth it!

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