June 25, 2018

For the love of Japanese Auto and autoparts

Mazda confirms that for 2019 electric cars will be ready.

Japanese giant Mazda will formally join the electric vehicle business from 2019, ┬ásaid during the presentation of her Zoom-Zoom Sustainable 2030 vision. However, the company made it clear that they initially took these vehicles only to regions with high percentages of clean energy generation or imposing limitations of fuel vehicles.       With this […]


The Subaru Impreza 2017, best car of the year in Japan

The Subaru Impreza 2017, won the Auto Prize of the Year in Japan after overtaking the Toyota Prius by 49 votes. In a tough fight for third place, the Audi A4 2017 received 149 votes, only four more than the new Volvo XC90.     The Subaru Impreza 2017 is built on a new global […]


Has Germany the best cars? Not anymore

The US Consumer Product Testing Organization, the prestigious Consumer Reports, has produced a list of the best cars, and it turns out that the top eight are Japanese. Actually, only Mercedes and Audi have entered the list of the top 10. We have the idea that there is no better vehicle than the German, but […]


The 3 best Japanese classic cars

When we talk about the best classic cars we often think of American or European manufacturers. We come up with names like Ford Mustang or Shelby Cobra, but we always forget that on the other side of the world they have also been manufacturing cars for decades. Classic Japanese cars should not be forgotten. In […]


Digital rear-view mirrors are the next step

Japan once again becomes a benchmark for technological innovation. It is the first ┬ácountry to authorize digital rear-view mirrors for cars where the authorities just approved the replacement of traditional mirrors with cameras as digital mirrors.         The digital rearview mirror is an initiative that has been in the market for some […]