June 25, 2018

For the love of Japanese Auto and autoparts

The US Consumer Product Testing Organization, the prestigious Consumer Reports, has produced a list of the best cars, and it turns out that the top eight are Japanese. Actually, only Mercedes and Audi have entered the list of the top 10. We have the idea that there is no better vehicle than the German, but we have for many years with too many independent reports and too much evidence that the Japanese have surpassed the Germans.


As for the perception of people, we have a hard time changing our mind once someone has instilled one idea in the head. But Consumer Reports’ analysis indicates that for efficiency, technology, comfort and reliability, Japanese cars are already well above German pride. In the report, the best brand in the world has turned out to be Lexus. In previous studies, Consumer Reports unified the votes of the three Toyota brands in the United States (Toyota, Lexus and Scion). But looking at them separately, it turns out that the luxury division of the Japanese giant has taken 79 points out of the possible 100. And that is extremely incredible.

After Lexus, it is followed by Subaru and the company Mazda (76 points both). In fourth, fifth and sixth place, we can find the Toyota, the Acura (luxury division of Honda) and the Infiniti. Honda is in seventh place and Nissan in ninth place. The Germans  Audi and Mercedes are in the lower positions of the grill, eighth and tenth place, respectively.














American manufacturers are among the most mediocre ratings because of their constant electronic failures and their infotainment systems, according to Consumer Reports. Maybe in the future, electronic cars or the ones with new designs or ideas will be the ones which will change everything related to the cars as we know them  today and maybe, the order of the brands in this list may change thanks to those new ideas which are being developed right now.











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