June 25, 2018

For the love of Japanese Auto and autoparts

When we talk about the best classic cars we often think of American or European manufacturers. We come up with names like Ford Mustang or Shelby Cobra, but we always forget that on the other side of the world they have also been manufacturing cars for decades. Classic Japanese cars should not be forgotten. In fact, increasingly Japanese brands have more presence and are gaining ground to others such as Ford, Volkswagen or Chevrolet in much of the world.

For this reason today we have brought a compilation with the 3 best classic cars of Japan. A selection that will make you think again who are really the kings of classic cars.

3. Honda CRX Si (1985-1991)

The CRX models were a complete revolution in the late 80’s. They combined a lightweight chassis with an economical engine and did not consume as much as other sports cars. This version improved the brakes, power and interior of the car with respect to most of its competitors.












2. Acura NSX (1990-2005)

In 1990 there were doubts about whether Honda was able to build a luxury car. And it proved with this Acura NSX (Acura is a subsidiary of Honda), a comfortable, fast car and whose style has nothing to envy to anyone today.











1. Nissan Skyline GT-R (1989-present)

The Skyline is a classic car, known and one that everyone has heard of. When it was created, nobody believed that it could compete with other brands like Porsche. Which it was the result? That, after its overwhelming victory in the All-Japan Touring Car Championship on Porsche, began to sell a lot more than its competitors.

It was dubbed “Godzilla” and, because of its incredible ability to be both a racing car (more than 29 official titles in 1989) and those looking for a luxury car, it became an instant classic.














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