June 25, 2018

For the love of Japanese Auto and autoparts

Japan once again becomes a benchmark for technological innovation. It is the first  country to authorize digital rear-view mirrors for cars where the authorities just approved the replacement of traditional mirrors with cameras as digital mirrors.





The digital rearview mirror is an initiative that has been in the market for some years. However, there are legal restrictions that do not allow their commercialization in vehicles. Or, at least, they did not allow it, since Japan is the first country to adapt its legislation to be able to replace the rear view mirrors by cameras.

At the moment, we do not know the model of vehicle authorized to release this technology, it will be one of the most advanced cars within the market. In addition, we also know that the manufacturer of this digital rearview mirror will be Ichikoh Industries, supplier of car accessories. The built-in camera is known as Smart Rear View Monitor, although the manufacturer has already announced that it is also developing models of digital mirrors adaptable to different cars







As you know, the rear view mirrors are one of the fundamental security systems of your car. However, it is also true that these leave a blind spot, which is out of our visibility and can be a major road safety hazard. However, thanks to the incorporation of digital mirrors, these dead angles could be covered.

The cameras would avoid problems such as fogging the glass in days of humidity or glare due to the reflection of vehicle lights in the mirrors. The digital image also allows, on the other hand, correcting problems like the lack of light.

In fact, brands of cars as reputed as BMW have already been in favor of this new accessory for cars and show several advantages of replacing the traditional mirrors by cameras, in addition to the aforementioned vision improvement. Among them are the improved aerodynamics of the car thanks to the elimination of the mirrors, which would allow a saving of fuel, and the reduction of the noise generated at high speeds.

















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